Zombite - Scoring !!!

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celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I don't know? It's not on the Threadless challenge list.

The Dribbble site says July 29 at 11:59 pm EST. So that should mean...... oh I am so bad at calculating these things.

The time converter says that right now it's just after 5 pm in New York, which would mean that midnight EST should be in a little less than 7 hours.

But it's possible that I got this all wrong.

Good luck anyway!!

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

I love all of the different fonts you have in the design. And I almost never see sleek, classy zombie designs so this is awesome :D

The white one is my favorite out of the two.

speakerine profile pic Alumni

Ohhh I was so tired I forgot to add "Fresh Human Brain".. I think I'll do a new version with it.

speakerine profile pic Alumni

resubmitted into the regular threadless comp because I don't thinkl i'll win on dribbble with this. pending

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