Nothing from me and then BOOM! stuff

Since last year it has been really hard for me to sub as much as I wish I could, too much stuff in my plate I guess, anyway for some weird reason I found myself wit lots of stuff and decided what the hell let's sub it all, because you know... why not.

This is the stuff:

Something I was re working for my new portfolio and thought It was fitting for the NSFT thing:

Then this which is another evolution of an old design to make it better:

This for the Dribbble contest:

My version of a Demented design:

This one which is kind of a follow up of the same idea in the "Inner Space"... the weird thing is that I made this one way before than the swapsies:

So yeah... lots of stuff there... love ya Threadless ;^)

Watch this
ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

And just received a notification telling me that the Demented version of my design is up too:

So I'll post that one here too, because.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

lots of great subs!


...and then BOOM! Lotsa wonderful stuff!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I really love a moment of zen and your dribbble entry. :-) Lots of really great stuff in here!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

woah all of these are majorly good! love your style and the variety in your pieces.

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys!! you're way too kind :^)


cool designs man!


Nice designs! Loving the momma bear cookies one!

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Tanks guys! Momma Bear was super cool to make, it was nice to put some fun into a logo.

Also, The Inner space is up and someone thought it had something to do with Doctor Who, and I asked myself Doctor Why...

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

You should have said it did so you'd get some easy $5's and an instaprint. :-P

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

I should probably start watching Doctor Who I felt silly thinking in the middle of his sentence Rory from Gilmore Girls?

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Some great work in your sub explosion. Digging the figure based designs. The tea one is print worthy for sure.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Great big old collection of fun!!


what a BOOM.. great designs man!

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Whoa I missed those comments, thanks guys for those kinds words and also YAY! the final one is finally scoring!

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Thanks dude, I wish could have done a few more, it was one of those fun projects that kept asking for more and more, loved the response too, lots of great things from everyone.

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