How are the Made videos done?

Does the selected Made winner do it and then Threadless edit it into the final video?

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opifan64 profile pic Alumni

In my case he decided afterwards that he wanted some footage if me at work so I shot some on my iPhone and sent it to him.

cshimala profile pic Staff

I've been lucky to get to travel to some of the artists and shoot the videos myself. Then Collin and myself edit them back at HQ. So far the only one that was made by the artist was Jaco's. He put his together with a few friends of his.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I was curious about this as well. Do the ones that don't have a video not want one done?

Craig does an awesome job, they always look soooo nice and are a joy to watch.


I too was wondering this but it looks like I found my answer.

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