Good times.

So I got married.

Here's some more photos, if curiosity gets the best of you.

Now I'm back for the good times of threadless. Need to make a little extra cash for my sweetie.

Vote on my horrible first shirt back.


Or don't. Or whatever. It's just nice to be back. The beta site is crazy and I don't know what I'm doing and everything looks different.

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celandinestern profile pic Alumni

photos are lovely!!! congrats and welcome back :)

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

That's a sharp-looking jacket. And congratulations! Now back to the Threadless grindstone. Those prints aren't going to make themselves.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

So many pretty dresses in those photos! Congrats~ :-D It looks like it was a lovely wedding.

Looking forward to seeing more subs from you. :-)

wowrainbows profile pic Alumni

Thanks haha. It was one of those "It's spring time, so get your heavy jackets 75% off" kind of a thing.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


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