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Simpsons Challenge WIP - Would love some advice (UPDATE) :D

Hey everyone!! This is my first serious submission, and I would love to get some feedback :D The character on the left is baby Ralp Wiggum btw... he was shown getting dropped on his head as a baby in one episode xD
Also, any ideas for a funny/witty title to write in the banners would be much appreciated!! So far I've got "You came to the wrong neighbourhood" and "It's nap time" :P

This is my inked drawing... my scanner wasn't working yesterday so I just took a photo, so please excuse the bad quality!!

Ok I scanned my drawing onto my laptop and I've been working on my design all day, and this is what I've got so far! Any suggestions (eg. possible fonts?) would be great :D

As Maggie says at the end of her speech to the other babies, "And now, if the court will allow me, it's nap time"

Which do you think is better?? Or do you have any better ideas? If so, please share them :)


After asking my friends and receiving feedback from you awesome people, I've decided to run with the "It's nap time" idea as it turned out to be the most popular. I also improved the banner as Pyne so kindly suggested :D Now I just need to know.... highlights or no highlights?? Which is better? And are there any other improvements I could make??

No highlights:

With highlights:

Thankyouuuu :D

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Theo86 profile pic Alumni

I like the one with the "You came to the wrong neighbourhood" banner best.

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I like "It's nap time." Simple, to the point.


Thanks for the feedback guys!! I feel like the "You came to the wrong neighbourhood" will be the most widely recognised one because of all those memes, but then again, like you said TheInfamousBaka, "It's nap time" is more to the point... I'd love some more input to help me decide :D

Pyne profile pic Alumni

I like "It's Nap Time" as well. Maybe add more interest to the banner itself- like folds on the ends tattoo/pirate style.


Ah of course!!! I knew the banner was missing something! Thank you so much :D And yeah I think the "It's nap time one" looks better on a shirt as well because the top banner on the other's makes it look a bit weird...




i really need some feedback on this pleeeaaasseee :P


It defo looks better with highlights but they need to be a bit more apparent :)


awesome thanks :D do you mean they should be brighter?? and also, do you think i should add highlights to the banner as well?

natgal profile pic Alumni

Here's my opinion:

The shading on maggies head makes her look weird man I think you should go really high on contrast or really light, I don't like the font you're using it's too simple, the banner looks good but I would prefer a shield or something else she is holding a gun after all, and the chacarters on the sides look good but maybe they're too little and loose detail

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