Ben Chen got made, I made a thread to congratulate him.

Since I didn't see any blog congratulating Ben Chen, I figured why not make one myself.
It's about time this top Threadless talent was recognized. Congrats Ben, on a well deserved honor.You are one of my favorite artists here and inspire me to do better.

Ben Chen Got Made

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

YES, I usually score his subs 5$ I posted a link to his made collection on my soloyo facebook page as soon as I found out about it.


Yeah! Ben is one of my favourite artists here as well :) Congrats Ben!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

He is consistently awesome

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni

Congrats Ben Chen! I'm a huge fan of yours!!


Ben is an awesome illustrator. i love all his works,no surprise he got made Big ups to you Ben!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I was happy to see him get made, I love the one with the brown bears knitting, :-D

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

All of the designs are incredible, I can't believe I missed seeing his designs on Threadless before! Congrats :D

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Congratulations to Ben. He is one of my favorite Threadless artists. Looking at his designs has helped me improve.

melmike profile pic Alumni

Some of us were just commenting that Ben should be made somewhere a few days ago... He's easily in the top 5 of regularly contributing artists on Threadless. He deserves all the success in the world and all the accolades we can give him! Congrats!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ben should have as many if not more prints than Randyotter, the amount of subs he submits and the amount of quality each one contains is truly astounding. Super congrats Ben for getting such an awesome pile of prints at once, you completely deserve it :)


woooohooooo ben chen!!! congrats!!!


Awesome Ben chen!...your works inspired me a lot.

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