2.97's FOR EVERYONE!! Wait... wut?!

Anyone else notice the abundance of 2.97's in the music for relief? Technically speaking it's the best score I've ever had, but something doesn't feel right..

Am I right? or paranoid...

Watch this
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Is that how it works? does it just show 2.97 instead of the actual score? Because I haven't subbed in a long time and I have no idea how things work these days, so I was really caught by surprise when I saw all the 2.97's

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No, I mean that I don't think there's anything weird about it. When there's a lot of designs to be scored, a lot of them end up with the same average score.


it was from #13th to like page 5 (when sorting by average score)

I find it impossible that like 140+ designs got the exact same score down to the hundredths?

same thing happened in the B&W as well.

I guess its kind of cool I came in 13th, and not like, 90-somethingth. Though mildly disappointing cus I thought I could get a 3-ish :(.

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