Critique me! :)

So, I did this design as a last minute entry and felt like, with the obsession with beards and facial hair right now It would be accepted due to its woolliness and humor, unfortunately it was declined. Feedback, please?

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Ryder profile pic Alumni

I think the shadow is a mistake... it makes it seem like a floating head... and the typeface you chose is not suiting, you should try drawing your text, maybe to look hairy? also that patch of hair that was shaved off looks weird, mainly because razors and buzzers aren't round... maybe make it square/rectangle?

Ryder profile pic Alumni

also that face looks familiar... is that a celebrity? reminds me of Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling's head...

PS: it's way too huge on the shirt


It's actually a composite of 2 of my friends one's hair and the other's beard. But you're right it really does! And okay thats good advice, I definitely agree especially the font. I was weary about that the entire time.


I agree with Ryder. I would also suggest doing something with the type. Choose a different typeface, maybe a sans serif, and justify the bottom statement. I don't think the cap on every first letter of every word is necessary. Hope that is helpful. Please come score my design as it is the last day of scoring. Thanks.


Lol love the message. But I agree with it being too big. Very funny and cool!

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