My Thor Submission

Submitted to the Thor competition, and now it's up for scoring!

I'm not entirely sure if it's print worthy. But I'm ecstatic about the result -- I think it's my best sub so far. What do you think?

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Abstract Matter

I think it's awesome dude, saw your WIP pics on facebook. Cub it, I think it's pretty sweet, might do well!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I love it. Let us know when it's up!!


Thumbs up!! I hope it gets printed.

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Great pose and colors. Hopefully it goes up sooner than later.



kuro_te said:

Great pose and colors. Hopefully it goes up sooner than later.

Thanks man, I tried to keep the colors toned back a bit since I knew it would be on Silver -- the classic costume gets really gaudy with high saturation greens & yellows; so I like to think I struck a nice balance.


Ive got to say your use of color is amazing. Not too crazy about the face though, it kind of looks like a womans face but its still great work!


Now I'm confused. I thought it was supposed to be a women's face. God of trickery and all that.


Either way I thought it was great. Fantastic digital painting. I gave it a 4 but that's only because I'm stupid stingy with my 5$.

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