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Need Some Critique On My Design. Please Help!

Its called "The Cold Truth" if theres anything i could change dont hesitate to say it!

Watch this

The eyes on the sun should be even and the tips of the sun should be sharp, these seem like little details but they should help bring your design together.


thanks! the eyes on the sun arent supposed to be even, its showing that its stupid that pluto isnt a planet anymore,


hahhaha, pluto is gone, he not adopted again.



Matias Corado

Mmmm... first at all, sorry if some of my words sounds bad (english isn't my native language).

I think that you need to work more in the style of the illustration. I think it looks like a "Paint" illustration for kids and not like a pro illustration. Maybe you can add some details like gradients, flames, some stars would be nice, maybe blue dark background.

Hope It helps.


I went to byu, rock on. The design looks a little simple, Try to get more emotion in the faces, I 'm imaging the sun looking like the "genius" meme. Google it and see if you can incorperate that. Clean up the sun's rays and add more effects like Matias suggested. Great idea so far!


I agree with akachelle, you need more detail in the characters. Try adding more realistic eyes and mouth. Keep at it and you will get there.

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