Close-ups of my Impressionist 'Painting' - Last day

For this challenge, I used textured brush effects to recreate an impasto effect. I hope you like the result. Voter turnout is pretty low across the board on this challenge, so if you haven't voted / commented yet, I'd be very much obliged for a second of your time.


Watch this

this is totally awesome! one of the best in the competition for me. good job mike


your painting is the coolest ive seen in a while...and right to the point impressionism

Octo Gon

Yep definitely one of the best and one of the few that is actually impressionist. I love the depth of the composition. 5 stars.

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Following the guidelines makes a huge difference. Great job on this design.

melmike profile pic Alumni

I know what some of you are saying, it was a little surprising to see so many people base their concepts on something closer to surrealism or another art movement, not even counting the number of people who ignored fashion completely.

Oh well, thanks so much for the kind words and support guys!

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