opinions for facebook cover please

need to analyze every detail, color, design .... it is for a facebook cover, suggestions? thank you!

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lxromero profile pic Staff

Nice, its creepy and cute. Good use of type and composition. , the colors pop against the neutral background but not too much so its not assaulting my eyeballs. I also really dig that texture


Lovely! Love the font chose, nicely done with the multiple types of hands reaching towards Nowhereland, and the color coordination is quite excellent! The only thing to improve in my opinion, is to go over the eyes in the arm so you cannot see the line going through them and so they will give that extra POP! Otherwise, beautifully done!! If you can... Check out my art: http://www.threadless.com/play/forum/post/974138/help_any_tips_to_improve_our_design_/


Wow..awesome cover!

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