Customs Racket…

Just got a postal shipment (no fedex, regular post office) from Threadless this morning.
Happy! 3 great selects for my lady. Total value 59$.
Customs taxes 27$ (10$ taxe + 17$ for their time!)… If that's not legal racket I don't know what is.
State bastards!

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Don't Threadless now offer the option to pay customs in advance? You still have to pay the $10, that's a legal requirement after all, but you don't get stung by the $17 handling fee as there's nothing to handle

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I'll be sure to check that out for my next orde, this one was through postal service, they probably do it for fedex and other shiiping companies. Thx for the tip.

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just checked, chosing the gift option doesn't prevent taxes either…

"We know that the customs office is not a fun place, but we also need to follow their rules and fill out all customs forms properly by marking the package correctly and including the value of the tees. If we don't fill out the forms this way, we risk having the shipment returned to us or being prohibited from shipping to that country.

When you select the Gift option during checkout that does not mean the Gift box is checked on the customs form. Please be aware that shipments sent as gifts may still be charged customs fees.

To find out how not to be charged customs fees, contact your local customs office for more information. Most countries allow up to a certain value of goods into the country without any additional duties and taxes. Unfortunately we have no control over how your country determines customs fees. Any collection of customs fees goes to your government, not Threadless."

so there's not much you can do. Shipping through postal is a lottery, either customs check your package and you're a sucker either it goes through without passing in there hands and U can celebrate I guess… :(

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