Just got declined for copyright reasons. Any way I can change this?

Or am I just screwed?

I mean if I make it look less like Olive Oyl than the joke doesn't work. I thought I was on to something here too so it's a little disappointing.

Watch this

I'd have thought it'd fall under parody well enough? So I'm not sure. Unless there's something similar out there already?


yea, I really was not too worried when I submitted it but then got a decline email so I guess it's too close. I made her skirt longer than it is in the cartoon. That's something right? haha


Yep here is the exact email I received:

Hi there Brandon Buczek, Unfortunately, your submission "Virgin Olive Oyl" was declined. Here's why: Your submission was declined because it contains copyrighted material. Pop-culture inspired designs sometimes have legal issues we would rather not flirt with. Unfortunately, this is the case with your artwork. We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We're looking forward to seeing your new and improved design! Best wishes, The Threadless Community Team


i find your design cool...but unfortunate for you.


yep... maybe I'll try teefury or design by humans or something. I really thought that this had a shot at threadless though :/


Might the problem be more with the name of your design, rather than the design? I wonder if using "Olive Oyl" in the title (rather than a vague reference) is what violates the copyright issues, because I didn't even recognize the character in your drawing at first (I think because the hair is hidden, perhaps?). The other thing you could try doing is extending the clothe to cover more of her face -- make her head more bowed perhaps?


That's good advice. I'll try and submit it with just the name "Virgin Olive Oil" and see where that gets me considering that the name Oyl is pretty much only in Popeye. I'll also work on an option to cover her face a little bit more to see if that helps out.

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Just call it "Extra Virgin." Leave the olive oil out of the title. That may be enough.

However the image itself may still be the problem. It's pretty instantly recognizable as Olive Oyl.


Well I covered up her face a little and changed the title to "Virgin Olive Oil". Hopefully that will be enough. Fingers crossed.


I guess covering her face and changing her name paid off. It's up for scoring now and you can check it out here: http://thrdl.es/~/2e8t


oh nice! That makes me happy

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