All 3 of my NSFT subs.....cause ART!

Norwegian Wood

And the tree was happy

This is an idea that nintechno and I passed back and forth a few months ago and I thought it would be perfect for the NSFT Challenge.

Loved the book but that kid really pissed me off....greedy self-centered bastard.

My apologies for lack of peen, butts, boobs (and/or dicknoses).

The Hypocrite

Watch this
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blackhand_ profile pic Alumni
foodstampdavis said:

Me too. He was a big influences on my drawing, too.

The bands I was in in high school/college were called Homemade Boat, Sister for Sale, and The Mustn'ts.

Love him as a songwriter, too. He wrote some of the best country tunes ever and the stuff he wrote for Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show is top notch. Dude was a genius.

Plus he could be so super filthy and dark. I bet he'd like your interpretation up there.

I make it a point to sing "Cover of the Rolling Stone" out loud at least once a week. I think his books would sell a lot more if they didn't put his freakish mug on the back cover.

Great stuff, P Pod.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

cool stuff man.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni
BeanePod said:

hee, thanks jordan! and, flirtin' w/ me again???


Woah. bear balls.

not to be confused with ball bearings.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Saw this and thought you'd get a larf out of it...

Twiggyhall that a tree dong rubbing her lower back area????



And when I awoke, this turd had flown

nintechno profile pic Alumni

killin' it!


he whips his hair back & forth

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