Design Help Needed for Nonprofit!

Hello Threadless Community,

I work for the 15-40 Connection ( and we're looking for a new shirt design. We have a cool square design logo (which can be found on our website) and our colors are orange and gray. Our mission is to promote young adult cancer awareness and early detection.

We're trying to create a shirt with a sleeker, younger look but need help coming up with something. If anyone is interested in helping or has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

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what sort of young sleek design you are looking at, if you dont mind to explain further, i believe every artist has their own preference in design direction, illustration styling, if the current description its quite hard for us to beat around the bush just to help. perhaps some sample of styling would be good, :) i am sure alot of people dont mind helping, when it comes to charity.


I'm not associated with them, but you might want to reach out to The Hamper. It's a start-up based in Berkeley that designs sells shirts with a cut going toward the charity.

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