another one ive submitted please give feedback guys /gals cheers

Watch this

as you can all see im like a retard trying to upload these pics thats the best i could achive lol please comment on design please

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Here you go.

...and you shouldn't say "retard"'s specially uncoordinated.


your right im sorry what u think on the design thanks

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I feel like the Threadless executioner. People often won't comment on a feedback/ work in progress post if they feel like they have nothing nice to say. I'll don my black hood for a second.

First and foremost you have to have a great idea and secondly you need to execute that idea with either blistering excellence or a stylish and likeable manner. I don't think this idea is very strong, what are you trying to convey with this idea, what do you want it to say and why should be like or care about it? You need to give the viewer something to feast on. The look of this is very clip arty. The perspective is pretty bad and the colours are awkward.

Again I'm not trying to be a total a-hole, but if you want some brutal and honest feedback this is it. Look at what Threadless prints and ask yourself if they would give you $2000 for this piece of work. Idea first execution second.

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I don't really get the concept either but I'll just comment on a couple of details: the spray can is a little hard to understand at first because it's a mix of light and dark outlines. And if you look at the footprints, it looks like the person who left the scene didn't walk but hopped like a rabbit: the left and right feet are side by side.


yeah. it is kinda dumb. try something else?


I suck at this lol


Don't beat yourself up...just go back to the drawing board! We all have room for improvement.

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