Let it Rain Deer - Progress - Stats - 3,59 :)

Let it rain deer - Stats

Avg Score: 3,59
just 266 scores
85 fives
23 ones

Thank you all for the support, you are awesome!


] Tanks for the support, everyone! 07/09 Update:

] 07/10 Update - Color 1

] 07/13 Update - Less colors and more Rain

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Elma e Francis

Weel I just realized that "raindeer" is a species of deer.

but in my case it's there just because of the horns. Should I change the animal, perhaps, or the raindeer pun can be powerfull?


I think the pun works just fine. You should keep going with it.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

funny I have a collab about a deer in the rain

pweye profile pic Alumni

I like this - definitely keep working on it. You've got the pun, you've got some irony - it's got potential.

Elma e Francis

Thanks for the support, guys. I'll put all my energies in this. (actualy not ALL the energies, but a lot of energy. you get it

chuck p comics said:

let it rain deer, let it poor lol:)

Relient K's Christmas Album


I like your style! I say work with this design!


I like this muchly :)


I love it. The updated face expression and your design style is perfect on this!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

This is some of your best work. Keep at it. It's looking great.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Looking great!

Pyne profile pic Alumni

Love it! His expressions and little boots are cracking me up!

Elma e Francis

Thnx!! I want to submit it today. What's the name?

a) The usual "Rain Deer"? b) "Deer in the Rain"? c) "Let it rain"? d) "Roaring in the Rain"? e) your suggestion ?


Oh man! It's so good! I think "Rain Deer" is fine

melmike profile pic Alumni

I think 'Rain Deer', but whatevs, go with what you like. This is really cool. I like how the charm of the original b&w remains in your final design.

Elma e Francis said:

I think i like Let it rain, deer.

For sure! Excellent work

Elma e Francis


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