Select wip's - Cat update!

this Is supposed to be if the animals revered and worshipped in ancient Egypt, were also in India

ended up with the cat, and a scarab beetle

close up of pattern coloured.

Robo-totem is subbed and waiting!
I guess its pretty self-explanatory, but I basically have been obsessing about totem poles ever since I saw the Hannibal episode lol (for whoever has seen it)

Watch this
macdoodle profile pic Alumni

That Egyptian cat is awesome!


thanks :)

I woke up and now I'm worried that I'm getting too Lisa Frank

working there must be a dream job


thanks Theo!


and for those interested, this is how my totem poles started

I actually tried recording my process, but the file wont open now :S lol


The totems are amazing, but I'm really knocked out by your sacred animals concept, and how well it's executed. Congratulations!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I really love your style and the robo totems are perfect!

Working for Lisa Frank would be the best job in the universe.

Pyne profile pic Alumni

I would buy the robot totem in a heartbeat. Ditto to the Lisa Frank dream. Damn, I wanna go buy a sweet trapper keeper.


i remember seeing a picture of inside the lisa frank building and there were bear and dolphin sculptures everywhere


I have a new aim in life I looked at their website though and it feels so 1999 has anything changed, why aren't there new characters?!!

also, thanks everyone :)

working on an Ikat pattern as well!




goliath72 said:

These are amazing wow

I promise I didnt forget you!! just so many awesome challenges right now I really wanted to get in before the deadlines :)



TheInfamousBaka said:

The cat pattern looks super rad!

both subbed, and more to come since the challenge was extended, yay!

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