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Why does my account say that I have 0 design submissions?

Hey All,

I am really new to this, so please excuse me if these are dumb questions. Will my design submissions show up on my account as soon as I make them, or will they only show up if they are picked for voting?

Will I be notified if my design is not picked, or if it's been several days with no email should I assume it didn't?


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1 design submitted -

Once your sub is up for scoring, the submissions counter will be updated! If accepted or declined, in both cases you'll recieve an email

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Submitted designs go into a que for approval before you can view them on your profile or vote on them, it takes several business days and with the holiday yesterday maybe a little longer. :) I wouldn't worry! If they are rejected, you'll get an email.


Yep, got the email this afternoon. "Needs more work" Thanks, y'all. :-)


Hmm, same thing's happening to me, it's been like 4 days.


Hmm, same thing's happening to me, it's been like 4 days.

its elektricc

I was wondering this myself - I'm concerned that they're so backed up with the holiday and all that by the time my design gets approved the contest will be over and you won't be able to vote anymore...?


Scoring still goes on for a few days after the deadline to enter submissions has hit. Therefore, all designs will be scored

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