Meet artist Dan Fajardo!

interview by Jeffreyg

Welcome, Dan! Thanks for taking the time to answer some interview questions!

First, how about an introduction of yourself!

My name's Dan Elijah G. Fajardo aka dandingeroz and I am a full-time graphic artist currently based in Manila. I do a lot of t-shirt designs and illustrations in my free time.

When you're not designing, what do you enjoy doing?

Playing with my dogs, doing household chores, and sleeping :D

How did you first find out about threadless?

My friend Song23 also submits design here told me EVERYTHING about Threadless!

Have your successes on threadless made an impact on your career as a graphic artist?

YES!!!!!!!!! Threadless helps me to grow as an artist everyday and I have found more clients because of you guys! Yey!

You are one of the many multi-printed artists that are based in the Philippines - is there a big art scene in the Philippines? Do you ever see any Threadless shirts walking around?

Wow! Feels great to be one of those amazing artists to be printed here at Threadless. There are so many great artists and designers here in the Philippines and I'm glad to be part of this industry. Threadless shirts can be seen anywhere - especially at art events in Manila.

Going off that, you have a printed collaboration, Daisy, (reprinted today) with fellow Filipino artist, Jerry Maninang aka Dzeri29 - could you tell us how that collaboration process went?

That was my first print here at Threadless! I'm so happy to have a friend like Dzeri29 haha. I did the sketch and the first draft of our collaboration and Dzeri29 did the rest!!! Also big thanks to Andrew Mohacsy for the title "Daisy."

What was like to get your first print on Threadless?

Man, to get my first print here was totally awesome! I remember I was screaming at the office when I got the "MimiMail" - it was so overwhelming!

Speaking of celebrating wins - what was it like to be the winning design of the Foster the People design challenge?

Winning the challenge was so great! My dream was fulfilled because there were so many great entries and it was nice for all my hard works to pay off! You can see on my process work here!

What's your favorite medium to work with?

I start most of my pieces with pencil, then scan and color them on Photoshop.

Your Wildfur illustrations were a HUGE hit amongst the community and it seemed like a big style change for you - could you explain this project a little?

I am so proud of Wild Fur Series! I was just experimenting with that style and I'm glad people loved it. You can view some more of this series here and here.

I can't help but notice a recurring theme of cats in your designs (3 of which have been printed!) - any reason you love drawing cats so much?

I am so happy that Threadless loves my Cat designs. :D Cats are so POWERFUL! They are like humans and they are easy to draw. LOL.

Who or what are some of your inspirations when drawing?

I get my inspiration from books, photography, movies, lyrics of a song and more! In particular, I love the works of Pat Perry and Gemma Correll.

You and your wife are welcoming a son in a couple of weeks! First off, congrats! Second, have you filled his wardrobe with Threadless onesies yet?!

Yay! Thanks! Yes, I already bought two for him! I want to add more!

Any last words or shout outs?

HOY JEFF! :D Thanks for this interview! Threadless has helped me a lot! MORE POWER to you guys! ALWAYS MAKE GREAT TOGETHER!!! PLEASE COME TO MANILA! MABUHAY!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Yeah, Dan! You're an awesome guy and really talented. Great interview, Jeff. :-)

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Dan is awesome! :D Was super fun to interview!


hell, you're admirable dude!!

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

Hi 5

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Great work, Dan, and great interview, Jeff.

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni

Great interview! Double congrats Dan! For the interview and for you becoming a dad soon!

gaci profile pic Alumni

baguuum!!! congrats!

kismetRC profile pic Alumni

Double congrats dan. Interview and the baby

Big respect


Nice interview! Go Dan!

FrancisArcega profile pic Alumni

Congrats my friend..nice person n tlented guy

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Super Talented Artist, deserves every print and more. and congratulation on the arrival of your new family member too.


Truly one of the inspirational person here in the Philippines when it comes to tshirt designing! Congrats Sir Dan!! :-)


Dan is the best... super talented, congrats on the interview =D

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