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I'm very excited to introduce a little venture I'm starting with my sister this summer. We're setting up studio together and investing in a laser cutter so that we can collaborate to create unique collections of wooden engraved things!

In just a few weeks time we'll be all set up and ready to go. We both have different skills to bring to the table- I'm going to be focussing on finding ways to engrave my illustrations onto different things, and my sister will be using her expertise in costume design and shadow theatre to do intricate cut out designs.

Here's my sister Claire in her studio space. We're going to pimp it out with a laser cutter and work together here.

To help us with the expensive initial set up we've just launched an exclusive presale. It's only running until 11th July, and every sale will help us out so much as we set up.

Threadless has played a huge part in my growth as an illustrator over the past few years, you guys are really so awesome. I hardly feel like I can ask for anything but if you like anything in our presale then it would really be such an amazing support to us if you shared it with your friends or even bought something.

As a meagre thanks I've set up a discount code THREADFOLKS so that you can get free shipping anywhere in the world on what you order!

Here are some of the things in the presale:

Here's a handy link to the presale-

And you can join the adventure on fb too!


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pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

nice. I like the phone cases.. too bad you don't do android stuff. I will never own another iphone.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

This is awesome, so well suited to your style too. I was wondering about those laser cutter thingies, do you basically just print to them like a regular printer or is it more complicated than that?

Zai Alam

Looks beautiful. Really love your illustration style, and the wood engraved versions look awesome with the line details.

Wish you all the success with this venture ;)

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Best wishes on your new venture. Your product looks top-notch.

Fleck profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone!

John- It's a bit more complicated, but very easy to get the hang of. Engravings can be done as bitmaps and that's not much harder than just printing something out. Cutting has to be vector though, and you also have you program the order of the cuts by setting them as different colours. You generally want the small cuts to happen first incase the big cuts cause the piece to shift slightly.

The other thing is you have to set up the laser power and speed, which is different for each material. So it takes a bit of tinkering to find the perfect settings.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Sounds a bit beyond me, I wanted to do some lasercut business cards a while ago, but the company I was dealing with couldn't be bothered with my puny order! I got my society6 cash through yesterday so bought an iphone case, which I look forward to flaunting.


wow dude! good luck for your new venture! your work is beautiful :D

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Wow really cool stuff! Good luck with that!

Fleck profile pic Alumni

Yeah thanks for your order John! I'll make sure it gets out to you as soon as possible!

Also feel free to hit me up in a couple of months once things settle, if you still want laser cut business cards I could see what I can do, work out what it might come to...


Omg this is AMAZING! I hope it works out well for you both


Wow amazing family collabs!

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the case and star ornament. The case looks great, and looking forward to putting this on the tree in a few months time!

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