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Gap prints not online

Had a Gap-Threadless print recently but is isn't online - available instore as Nestor took a pic of it, but it isn't online - anybody have the same problem with their selected design?

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DRO72 profile pic Alumni

mine had it's run in-store around 6 months ago, but never appeared on line. i assumed they don't all go on the web site...

emeryg profile pic Alumni

Had same issue with my design MUSIC BARS which Nestor also spotted in store but didn't appear online. The had CHEMISTREE printed which appeared in both stoe & online.

Would be good if Threadstaff would give us some info on the current position with GAP as they seem to be distancing themselves from each other with no promotion interns of online or in store - artist bio is gone from in store as is free sample shirt?

digsy profile pic Alumni

My first two were available online, although the second only as a girls when it was a guys too in store. My most recent one doesn't appear to be online at all - thank heavens for Nestor as his photographic evidence!

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Only my first was available online. 2nd was only in specific stores and not online!

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni
free sample shirt

WHAT free sample shirt?? I've had to buy ALL of my own shirts....

Farnell profile pic Alumni

yeah, cool - glad it isn't just me. My first two were also online but I haven't seen this one at all, well apart from a tiny bit of it in one of Nestors pics. For my first gap print, I got sent 10 shirts.

Dan Yingling

Yeah, unfortunately Gap doesn't put them all up online and it's always different what they choose to sell on the website.....

biotwist profile pic Alumni

I have never seen any of mine in a store

emeryg profile pic Alumni

I've got another design up for sale with the GAP but again its just sneaked onto their website - would be G8 if there was more publicity with these - as is the artist has to search for their designs and payment is sloooow as well :( PROTRACTOR DESIGN

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