impressionism? advice?

I don't know, seems it need for something, but what? :(

Watch this

you could work on the technique, maybe search for the way to make look as tiniest brushes

If the sun was done more with the strokes and a softer color to blend the two together. You could take the waves all the way down the shirt. Goodluck! :)


Impressionism is ALL about light and color, how we perceive it. The flat color of the run with that solid digital edge isn't needs more thought.


The sun need brush strokes too. I love the texture of the ocean. And a reflection on the water would be fabulous. It would bring the two together.


Use A Dark Colr Tshirt,,,, r Place The Sun In Middle,,, Decrease Water LEvel And Add Sand And Couple,,, Its LIke a Holy Day tee,,,,,,, just an Idea,,,,,,


It seems a bit too simple and minimalist to be an example of impressionism. The flat, hard-edged sun doesn't fit. To be impressionistic it needs to be more evocative or emotional and less abstract. Color should be more subtle and soft. There should be more play of light and shadow. Hope this helps.

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