Supurr Friends Final 3.63!

I got this one on at the wire. The sub went through at exactly 11:59 last night.

Please vote and comment. Thanks!

P.S. This is probably the first design I subbed here without the benefit of a critique.
so even though it is after the fact feel free to add yours.

P.P.S I love JeffreyG

Watch this

Excellent job, man! 11:59? I thought I was bad with 11:56! lol!

ibyes profile pic Alumni

Thanks fellas!

Yeah, by the skin of my teeth. I had done a batch save because there was supposed to be 3 slides at first, but I saved them at max quality and they were all like 450k. that was at like 11:57. So I had to go back and I batch saved again and luckily one of the frames (the right one too) was less then 250k. I never want to do that again.

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Great character designs. I love Aqua Cat's octagonal helmet.


Bat cat my fav. Voted!


Sweet! I love the combo of Justice League and the cats! Well done 5/5

Malhat06 profile pic Alumni

This is great! I love the little fish in Aqua Cat's helmet. Good draw :)



ibyes profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the support.

For clarification, not that anyone is asking but, In my initial comment on my sub I said that Green Lantern wasn't on the original super friends, which is true. The Flash was also not on the original, but both he and Green Lantern were added later on.

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LOL this is fantastic! Simple and strong!


Voted. I think you did just fine without a critique.Wonder woman's yarn lasso is a nice touch.


Left a comment.

Ian can you vote and comment on my collab? (Sorry for spam).


actually shows a cat's moods.

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