Critique is not yet ready , dont know if this takes critique place

Need some thoughts on these please, thank you

Watch this
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This is the right place. Just use this thread to post your work-in-progress, and we can comment on your design and provide feedback.


um. you may wanna try that link again.


ok. the



one is really really terrible. you are going to have to do a much better job than that if you hope to be accepted for voting.


thanks managed to get it on


How about it now?


No, dude. It is a really crappy and lazy idea. Don't try any more to improve it. You can't.


how about this one?


i can see the potential in you and your designs, but you have to slow down and really work with your designs.

Mabanye said:

i can see the potential in you and your designs, but you have to slow down and really work with your designs.

what mabanye said, slow down and post WIP's of your design in the forum for people to criticize,it really helps. dont get too excited and just sub any random stuff(had that problem when i started out nd i still have a little bit of it now i guess)


:) ok , thank you so much osaze


All the good designs here take lots and lots of work behind. Take a look at some of the WIP threads at the forum and learn from all of them (they're really great)

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Sometimes I compliment designers on their naive style, which means I'm positively acknowledging the way their work appears intentionally childlike or low on artist skill. The thing though about the naive style is that the actual artistic skill of the designer remains evident, despite sometimes overly simple or sketchy artwork. Your designs are also "naive", but not in a good way. It's evident from your concepts and execution that you're new to this game.

Here's the thing. Most of us who submit regularly could have whipped all of these out from conception to final art in a matter of minutes. Now, while time spent on a design shouldn't be an indication of the overall quality of a design, generally anything that took the artist less than 10 minutes to put together won't do well here.

I suggest only two things, one, that you go through all the t-shirts on sale to get an idea of what actually prints here, and two, that FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, you stop using default Microsoft fonts in your designs.


ok melmike and unaifg, really gave me more of an idea now , for gods sake , i will stop using microsoft default fonts haha

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