Secrets of Getting Comments

I wonder how you usually get comments on your designs. Does it depend on quantity of facebook page subscribers or simply on quality of a design. Maybe you use some dirty tricks? ;)
Anyway please share some know-how of getting comments. What is your technique?

Watch this
  1. don't comment-whore on the forum, it is a waste of time
  2. i dunno.
  3. goto 1

Thank you taz-pie! Comment-whoring is really useless


Chaymation I can be your friend :)))


Having a good design usually helps. I wouldn't count avatar-less comments.

Good Design = Lotsa Comments

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There's no short-cut. Get involved with the community and contribute, rather than self-promote. I wouldn't expect many comments or votes from Facebook, even if you have a lot of friends. The same goes for Tumblr.

Having a strong design helps, but even that's no guarantee. Some designs just strike a chord with the community, though, and will get lots of attention. But again, there's no sure predictor for that.


I'm not sure what is considered a "good" number of comments? I think my best was 48 comments, which did coincide with one of my higher scoring entries. Average number of comments seems to be around 20.


Comment on other people's work. Score other peoples work. Like life the more you put in the more you get out. At least, that's what I'm noticing. That being said I'm not exactly rolling in comments. After switching from deventart though I feel like I'm getting all the attentions!

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Sleep with wharton

Chaymation said:

the secret is to have some friends sadly I don't --the end--

Hahaha me neither, don't be sad :)

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I think first and foremost you have to sleep with Jeff and I. Secondly you just have to have a decent piece of work. It doesn't matter who you are or how much you've contributed to the forum, people simply respond to good work. In addition to this join in, in the forum, get people interested in your work as it develops, comment on others peoples work and just be a righteous dude.


Guys could you explain what does sleep with Jeff mean!


"Sleep with" means "Have sex with" its a joke about getting on good terms with someone. So...don't take it literally :)


don't you have the "sleep with jeff" button on your photoshop toolbar? it is there on the left.


hahaha no i don't have it. Moreover my PS is in russian :))


Ok now it's totally clear :)

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