Halp! I need some feedback :)

Mister Meowybags

I'm trying to submit this picture I made to the "Super Cats!" contest, but I got declined. Any way to make it better?

I would really appreciate it! This is my first design. :)

Watch this

Maybe if the cat wasn't pregnant inside its back and...

...oh, ignore that. I really don't know what to say.


That's not a cat. That's an intergalactic giant marshmallow with a cat's head stuck to it.


Lmao, I know! It's a super fat villainy marshmallow cat.


It's a very cute doodle style. I think tweaking up colors can do a lot for you.You could try a different set of eye-friendly color palettes by searching online a good set of colors that would suit it best. You could also add in texture and radial gradient in the background, just try it out maybe it it will have a better look to it :)


gradients are terrible, and add nothing to designs. please ignore that ^

Mantichore profile pic Alumni

your linework needs improvement and adding shadows/highlights will improve this a great deal. Also, it looks like he is wearing a mask with really tiny holes, not very practical for a burglar :) I'd suggest making the holes larger so the eyes become visible


Agree with the above poster regarding shading/highlights - that will help a lot.

Also the lineart is quite jaggeddy - think some anti aliasing might help here, or simplifying the curves to make them smoother.


Thank you guys!

Honestly, it means a great deal to me receiving feedback from other fellow artists. :)


For me this is too simple so maybe you should add some unique stuff to make it more lively in the sight of the audience. Something that one could say, "AWEEESOME!" not "hmmm,, ok".


Keep in mind perspective as well! Currently Mr. Burgular is oddly levitating in the foreground with very little interaction with whats going on in the back. I also echo whats been said above; line work, shadow...and maybe even cropping to only show the most important aspect of your design

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