Rates for Commissioned Work

This is for the freelancers out there, how much do you charge for a commissioned illustration? Is it more common to charge per hour or per piece?

I'm trying to get a general idea of how much I should whore myself out for. What's a reasonable rate for a black and white illustration and a color illustration? I figured I'd ask here first before trying my luck with Google.

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Well, there's this UK based apparel designer who gave me some tips about design and said to charge about £200 per design piece (don't know the equivalent in dollars).

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For lets say design like your "Severance Payback" i always ask about 500$, but small number agreed on price. I just dont want to work for less. I mean i work for less, LOL, but only on things i want, you know. Im paid only 200$ per comic page i work on now.

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Okay, this is all helpful. Not going to bust out my currency exchange calculator, but $500 seems like a good baseline. Most illustrations take me anywhere from 8-20 hours, so the hourly breakdown isn't bad.

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I dunno, dude. $500 might work if you're doing work for a large company. But just random commissions fall closer to the $300 mark (where I am, anyway, which is Toronto.)

Then again, maybe I've been selling myself short?


Make sure you clearly state a policy on revisions. Either add some padding into your initial price, or state an hourly rate for any additional work.

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Thanks for the additional input. I'm sure the more data I have, the better.

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Whoa, even $300 sounds like a lot to me. Probably because I'm not an "official" designer. I don't even have a website. A friend of mine hired me to create his album cover artwork and I didn't ask for more than $100.

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Well friend discounts are friend discounts Jordan, but if you get asked by a random company do charge more (learned this the hard way though not in illustration but in graphic design)... It's tricky because if you sell your stuff too cheap it's difficult to raise the price later if the same client wants more work.

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