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I have entered designs into 4 different contests. They were all rejected because they were not up to Threadless, standards. I am not egotistical, i know my work is not perfect but it is good. Some of my designs were decent enough to be accepted, in muy opinion, especially after seeing those accepted. How many of you out there are having the same problem?

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You should post some pics of your art so ppl can see it and give u some constructive criticism. unless its Taz than it may not be so constructive, lol. ull see.


Yeah they'll decline it if it's not up to par, I would keep refining it until you feel that many people would buy the shirt for its design. Those other submissions that squeak by to voting usually get low scores and pretty much never chosen for print so look at this like another chance.


I would suggest looking at this FAQ entry on what in general Threadless doesn't allow. You might have inadvertently done something they don't want and it may have nothing to do with the quality of your design. Although if you post the designs your referring to the people on Threddless will probably be able to figure out why they were rejected.


It's hard for us new folk. I have only had one tee rejected, but in my honest opinion it was the strongest piece I sent them. It got accepted elsewhere though, so some things aren't threadless' style but are somebody else's. I would back up what every body else said though. We can't give you anything helpful without seeing examples really.


Thanks for the feedback. I cannot figure out how to upload images without a web address. I have had five pieces rejected. One of the images rejected was printed for a different purpose and has sold 140 units already. I just don't know what I am missing here for Threadless.


You can't upload images without a web address. Just click the blue "need free image hosting" button in the insert image pop up. No one can help you unless we see what you did.

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