*SUBBED* Incompennant - Baseball Tees Design

Updated - SUBBED!

Original Thread:

HELP!!! I need some ideas for words to finish the last two pennants of my new design, Incom-pennant.

Any words relating to baseball would be nice, but just about anything will work as long as it has some kind of negative connotation.

Think along the lines of clumsy, awkward, etc.

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mezo profile pic Alumni

Love the design! How about "remedial".

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Looks good so far. "Loser" doesn't really need the tail trailing off the 'r'. It just takes up space.

Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Alright, new version updated, just need one more word!

Any ideas?

Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Ended up subbing my design an hour before the deadline! Can't say I'm 100% satisfied with it, but mostly has to do with rushing my mockup. Fingers crossed...

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