Idea criticism !

I had an idea of a battery exploding and the color of the explosion would be different colors not rainbow but colors that go good with each other.

Watch this

oh god nicemonster. why must you be such a retard? i am sorry, but you are.


Even his alias pandaboy152 doesn't want to collab...


I don't know you, so I'll try to form my own opinion. Mate, you would need one hell of an artist to illustrate this effectively. It seems most of the people here don't want to work with you for whatever reason, so you're going to find it hard to find such an artist. Perhaps you shoul work on your own skills and attempt it yourself? Even if it doesn't come off (which it most likely won't) you will have learned from the experience of trying, and will be that little bit better for the next one.


yeah thanks i will try but wont be that good.

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