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Baseball Tee WIP - He Had It Comin'

Working on a concept for the Baseball Tee challenge, but want to make sure it's clear enough to continue.

Get it? A "famous" baseball mascot w/ a baseball for a head, and what happens in baseball? You hit the ball... I don't know, may need a bat or bat mascot in the background. Like I said, still early, but want some opinions from the community. Thanks!

Watch this

i like it so much! continue it!:)



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A bat or bat character would make the design clearer. Maybe make some stars around the ball character's head. The character design is solid. This is a great start.

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A like Kuro_te's idea of the addition of a bat. Good luck


I like it!! Maybe have a baseball bouncing off of his head so you will be able to tell what happened by looking at the design without the title.


Love the character. A bat companion would be a nice touch. Look forward to seeing more.


nice idea :)


Thanks everyone! Still really early, but I'll definitely work on cleaning up the lines and keeping it down to 2 colors.

Which reminds me, all the submissions I'm seeing are on regular tees. Aren't we suppose to be designing for baseball tees, like the athletic grey with longer blue sleeves? Just curious...

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I like the idea of a anthropomorphic baseball bat standing over him, doing the ol' punching his palm tough guy thing

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isn't there actually a mascot that looks like that in MLB? might become a copyright issue


It's actually based on the Reds mascot, Mr. Red. I figured I'd be okay as long as I wasn't using any of the team logos, but I'll need to do some more research before I go any further with this idea...

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