One second...

Since when 2 is the new 3?

I was looking through the "Votes" thingy and saw that "I helped" some designs that I clearly scored 2.

So now a helping score is a 2?

This means that anything except 1 is a good score?

Why do I even care?

Next day pizza is better heated or non heated?

Just curious.

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Welcome to 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like underwear to Sharon Stone.


Points don't seem to matter. But, PLEASE DON'T HELP ME by scoring my subs "2" :) Feel free to "5" though.

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They have never mattered as a definitive selection tool per se ;^)

I just find curious how now a 2 is considered a "helping vote" since is so down the scale, I wonder if it's a symptom on how the general voters are scoring now or the amount of points they are having.

ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Actually I know people is complaining about the amount of votes right now, so it's probably related...


The points haven't mattered for a long time


I'm confused about this!!! So any points goes towards the score? If that's the fact them I'm ok with anything I get!!! I rather get a 2 then nothing at all!!!! Of coarse I rather get a 5!!!!

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Yeah, I have been consistently getting scores over 3 yet on the old site, which had a harsher scoring curve, I never achieved a 3. That said my recent, and only, print was a 2.71. Goes to show you never know and score is not everything.

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