Score 25 a day, win prizes, hooray! / WINNER ANNOUNCED

WINNER: Congrats Kerry Nicholson!

Congrats to Kerry! Here's what Kerry said about her win:

I am a wildlife biologist and I love the snarky T-shirts or the t-shirts that make you think or take a double look at things which is why I love Threadless soooo much. People bring in such incredible ideas incorporating inspiration from nature and the animals that surround us (like As Fast As I Can design by Thomas De Santis) and then morphing them into surrealistic images (like Lost Translation by Francis and Laurence Minoza and Jorge Garza) or things that just make you go hmmmm and then laugh out loud. So, I'm super excited about an art panel from the artistic community of Threadless. And now I'll be able to order some of my more favorite shirts or hoodies... I had been waiting for them to go on sale and some never do!! As for what I would do with the panel, once Im back in Sweden, I have a sweet spot to hang it right in the hallway near my big bay window which everyone from outside gets to see. Here in Sweden, I would hang it on my door at work because right now this place is so bland its sad and needs a spark of life to pick it up.

Man oh man, do we love you guys. We want to see you every day! This week we’re thanking folks for coming back and hanging out on Threadless daily.

Between Monday, June 3 - Friday, June 7 score at least 25 designs each day and you’ll be entered to win a $250 Threadless gift card and a Threadless art panel!

Days will be measured from 12 am CT to 12 am CT the next day.

Start scoring right now! If ya miss a day, you’re out!

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Oh dang. I need to start doing some voting, I'd love to win a panel!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

so awesome! but i do wish threadless rewarded the people who reach scoring milestones rather than just a random week of scoring.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

awesome :) I've always wanted an art panel!


sweet! ^^


Interesting to look at :)


Damn Skippy. I'm ready


oh... man, we need cassshhhh... look at us,... we are hungry. but it's ok. though hungry we will look pretty and handsome with the gift.


Great! :D

goliath72 profile pic Alumni

Lol been scoring like, crazt last few days didn't realize it was starting Monday lol its all good always scoring anyway

soloyo profile pic Alumni



just checking what time it is in threadless-land now


Even if I won, there are only 4 shirts available in 3X. :/ What happened Threadless you used to be cool?

the czar

Alright figure I'll do it what the heck, right? Score one design, score second design, next design is same as second, and it freezes up. Reload, try again, repeat that sequence twice, and that's why I don't score anymore.


Like, do I have to score 25 exactly, or can I do more than that? I just don't want to mess up on some stupid rule.

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni
VeryHardly said:

Like, do I have to score 25 exactly, or can I do more than that? I just don't want to mess up on some stupid rule.

AT LEAST 25 designs. 25 or more. I will clarify up top.


if i start today, it doesn't count?


Dang it. I'm not sure if all the scoring I did the past two days counts because I didn't see the "Days will be measured from 12 am CT to 12 am CT the next day" line . . . :(


Damn I missed the first days :( eagerly awaiting new subs ! ?????????????????


How do u know if you are still in the running


POST MORE DESIGNS TO SCORE!!!! i scored everything posted already and now there aren't 25 to score today. D: i haven't missed a day and it's the last day. :(


I'm not sure if I am still in the running because I have everything scored and couldn't score 25 entries today since there didn't seem to be any new ones.


I want this so bad


Oh man, I hope I win!


When do we find out the winner?


I'm so bad at time zones that I think I probably messed this one up and missed a day somewhere. Although I did score every singe Sponge Bob entry yesterday! haha.


How do you know the winner? Are they emailed??


When and how do we find out the winner? will they be emailed? Thanks


Yeah, when do we find out the winner? i hope i win :D

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