I need your help developing this idea.

The title will be "Fly you fools!" Any thoughts? Obviously it's only at the drawing stage so line work and colour will be next on the to do list.

Line work done.

I thought the criticism of there being too many characters was a valid one. It was too cluttered for a tee. Anyway, I've taken out a lot the characters and I think it's an improvement. I just need to to do a little shading and I'm ready to sub.

Finished. Ready to sub?

Watch this

I think maybe you could funny it up a little if you changed the setting to inside the airport so you could have some reaction poses from some "normals". You could still show the airplane taking off in the distance just through a window instead. Really solid idea and drawing though :)

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It's awesome, bro your sketches are cleaner than my final work haha

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Haha ... Love the concept!!

-Destination posters in the windows might be cool -Gandalf's staff merged with a marshalling wand

Not that it has any place in this design but my mind goes straight to the security check and putting the ring in thex-ray tray.

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Looks great. This was one of my favorite concepts from your sketch thread. There's a lot of great detail in the characters, so I'd like to see them bigger or more in the center of the design. Even with colors, the Airport would still be very prominent.

I'm not sure what's going on with the left part of the design. Is it a hill or a mountain framing the design in? I think you can do away with it and just use clouds and the plane in the background. It would look fine with normal clouds instead of the cloud frame you have right now.


I am having a hard time trying to think of ways to improve the design. I like the idea for posters in the windows of the airport. You could have one of the posters be for Eagle Airlines and have text saying something funny. I haven't thought of any gems for it but it could say best view in the sky, fly green with Eagle Arilines offering the lowest carbon footprint air fair since the Third Age, or every passenger gets a complementary slicker(since it might rain or the eagle might have to do its business).

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have a little think and get back to you with a more finished piece!


I think this is a great concept. I would love to see it in color so all the characters can be set apart from each other. I especially like the addition of the tower from Mordor in the background. Great detail that might be lost in a t-shirt design, but definitely adds to the image. My suggestion would be to make it stick it a bit more... not necessarily by making it bigger, but maybe through colors. Overall a great idea. Makes me think that "one does not simply walk into Mordor." :)


agree with a previous comment, the hill line thing kind of muds it up... otherwise, color it, ink it and get it printed. really nice.



Great work (as usual)! I vote for inking only. Maybe you can enter it in the black and white challenge that's currently running.

Good Luck --dB


this is awesome, i wouldn't change a thing the concept is great, just finish it and submit :)

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Update! Line work is done. What do you think?


Simply great, man! can't wait for this!

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Any advice on fonts? I'm not too pleased with what I've done.


For the comic or "Airport"?

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Thanks. I'm struggling at the moment to be honest but that's all part of the process!

gabras: The "Fly you fools!" font I'm not so happy with.

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I wouldn't mess too much with the font. Comic-lettering style fonts are clear and appropriate for this kind of design. I like the small changes you made. Mount Doom spewing smoke in particular.

I'd say, though, that this design is almost too crowded for a shirt. There's so much great detail and character work that it'd be a shame to scale it down. I'd love this as a poster or print.

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Alright, I will start by saying this looks amazing. Your line is terrific.

One thing that is bothering me is how short Gandalf is. He should be as tall as the men and even taller based on the perspective. I also kind of liked how the clouds framed the design in the earlier WIP; mount doom's smoke could do that now if you are using a gray or charcoal shirt color.

This all said, the concept and art are super solid even if you did not change a thing.


You've done a great job here. "put more detail on legolas <3" lol jk! tho I do agree with Musarter, Gundalf needs to be a tad taller than that . Hope to score this soon ;)

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Do you think I'd benefit from taking some of the characters away and just having Gandalf and the hobbits?


Firstly, love the idea and the execution on it so far. For me, if you shrink the hill a little from design one, and give it the volcano top and smoke spew that frames the upper parts of the image it would be an excellent background. This is also because I agree that Gandalf looks a bit short. With him taller, the tiny mountain in design 2 would be obscured. So a halfway point between the two mountain sizes would be ideal.

As far as sizing. my monitor is about chest size, so I zoomed in all the way and the design looks great for a tshirt.

Cant wait to see this colored and in the voting stages.


I love so much better the first one, but you can not leave on left corner below empty I think, you should put something on it


Man I think your font is actually good. I get what you said about have only Gandalf and the hobbits and...yes, could be a good idea, above all because you'll lost less details, as kuto_te also noticed, after scaling the design down. But I have to say that would be really amazing to have the whole company. I wuold try to keep 'em all, strech Gandalf as little as nedeed, color and sub ;)


make it bigger, i mean the words " Fly you fools"

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I agree with @Bubblehezza haha! You have REALLY clean sketches! I really like it, and the colors are fantastic! I don't think that having too many people was the problem actually; I think that adding the color is what changed it up! I really like it! I think the clouds being dark green is cool, but maybe a yellow-ish orange too IMO. Great job!!

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Hey I think you should paint a little the right side of the building (where Gollum is), to make it seem more like that, a building.

Nice sketches and great work!

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