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None tee related work.

I thought it'd be fun to put up some of my none tee related work!

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That is a nice homage to the long history of the show. I really like your choice with Tardis cake.

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pyr4lis said:

I do handbags and belts but I work so far in advance of seasonal release I'll have to majorly dig for some things that I've done that are already released that I can post about :P

Amen! I work more than a year in advance before stuff hits the public. The clubs I posted above started some time back in late 2011 and just hit stores this Spring. We have already started thinking about how they will be updated.

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Thanks CoinSlotComics, bortwein!

Here's another I just finished yesterday. I'm re-doing my portfolio.


Are you redoing older rasterized pieces to make them vectorized?

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No. I just wanted to do some new work which reflects my interests and current style. Once I've finished I'll probably look back at what I've done and want to re-do it again!

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Haha thanks Bort. Usually I go straight to computer. Sometimes I'll hand sketch if I'm not sure how I want something to go but for some reason with my day job design work I'm usually pretty clear about how I want something to look. lol. If only I was so clear when I work on my threadless designs ;) I'm actually working on a project for some buckles for a major golf company. But since it hasn't gone anywhere yet I can't really say more.


Wow! I really love the Doctor illustration, congrats! Interesting work the one with the golf club, too!

I do things like this.

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I've never seen Disney duck pin ups before number_six. :)

Here's the latest piece I've been working on.

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