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ThreadDuels victory bounty: Thanks Hilary!

ThreadDuels Swag! Since I won our ThreadDuel battle, Hilary Leung had to send me $20 worth of stuff, and what great stuff it is! Thanks! Check out more his excellent work at his excellent facebook page: "The Brothers Leung".

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Musarter profile pic Alumni

Wow, that's awesome. I did not realize swag was involved in the duels; and generous swag at that.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

It's not, I just made it a part of ours. You can make any stipulation you want in theory.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

That is a lot of super sweet swag! Love the pixel stickers.

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

so many ninja balloon!


Sweet! Happy to see everything arrived safe and sound :)

Great ThreadDuel sir! Fingers crossed that The Star Builder gets printed!

BTW, the purpose of the ninja balloons were two-fold.

  1. Protect the safe arrival of the mug.
  2. Instant Ninja Party at Nick's!

Again, congrats!


I wanna go to an instant ninja party at Nick's!!

BeanePod said:

Hilary just became the coolest person on the planet....

Exhibit A: Ninja Balloons

Exhibit B: Exhibit A

Aw, thanks Perry!

Twiggyhall said:

I wanna go to an instant ninja party at Nick's!!

Everyone's invited - Instant Ninja Party at Nick's! Tell all your friends!

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