i need some comment or idea please...really BLANK right Now

Watch this

someone help me please


More texture.. those are snowcones the tigers holding..maybe they could be the same color as the juice in the holsters. I like the idea I would make the colors brighter softer like ice cream colors. The belt buckle maybe have something related to snowcones, ice cream in the middle...(these are suggestions) Goodluck! :)


yes agree ....great idea guys...thank you really appreciated your suggestion... and i will come with new version

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it's a cool idea although the head and hat look deferent then the rest of the body. also the sno cone looks weird, here is an example of how I draw one... if it's shaved ice like how I drew it, it should be fluffy, if it's a snow cone, it should be rough! besides that, good job and good luck


thanks guys yes i will fix all my mistakes...greatly appreciated. all of you is awesome


I think the outline of the hat is too thick. Try to get the lines to be about the same thickness as the rest of the lines. I agree with the suggestion about using paws instead of human hands.


The idea is good and the illustration as well. But I suggest you modify the snow cones. They quite lack details and texture. They look like marbles at first sight. Add curves and shadows for texture. The top part of the left snow cone looks quite different from the illustration on the right. I think it would look better if you modify the top part of the cup a bit so it matches with the right snow cone.


I would also suggest reworking the tiger head, a little looser and cartoony. It seems to have been drawn done in a different style than the body like if you were looking at a tiger logo.

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