BLACK&WHITE COMP : which tee layout is best?

so which one do you prefer? i think the infinity sign one has more meaning/is the better design, but the bigger design fills out the t-shirt more
which one should i submit? (am i allowed to submit two versions?)

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Akaka profile pic Alumni

I've submitted different versions before. Well I have different options in my current sub actually, heh. What is your thinking behind the scissors and the bee, am I missing a pun or something?


the one at the right is the best one for me :D its simple plus you can still see everything when the person wearing it decides to tuck his shirt.


They both have no meaning. What does a scissor have to do with a bee? And why add an inifinity symbol? Is this tshirt worth $20? Nope.

digsy profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I too am missing the connection between the bee and the scissors?!?!

drwhofreak profile pic Alumni

well you always get the dashed line + scissors where you're meant to cut things out and you always get the dashed lines showing where bees have been flying in cartoons

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