Design preview page is too small and it is landscape

I know this has been covered before but why have a landscape design preview page when t-shirt designs are portrait. You can't see any of the detail in designs, previously you had a great large portrait format. It is putting me off doing anything too intricate as nobody is able to see the detail.

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True, but they're not going to change it anytime soon. You can post a bigger image in the comments though.

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Now why you gotta go do that... tell it like it is.

Let me +1 that this guy is talking sense.


Monitors are horizontal though. Mobile devices are too. Maybe that's what they considered when they changed the format. I did like it better before too.


Maybe it's because IRL you usually don't stand so close to people that you can see perfec detail.

The best shirts are those that also are awesome and can convey their message from afar.

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There are a lot of designs in horizontal format too because not all designs use the whole canvas. Personally I don't mind it.

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Normero said:

The best shirts are those that also are awesome and can convey their message from afar.

Agreed. Also when the shirts are printed customers must make their purchasing decisions on images that aren't any bigger.

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But I would still be happier even with a square. Anyway, changing the format again would most likely be an unholy hassle because the current layout is pretty much built around the slide shape.

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I really don't mind it. I have a template set up with 3 slices that are automatically chopped into the 3 images when I save for web. Do a small preview and the shirt on the first one and then a big version for the next two slides. It works out pretty well and is easy to set up. :-)


you do get to add up to 3 images, plus you can do zoom ins on the left and zoom out on the right? plus i see alot of people are doing large 845px width and 1335 height and then splitting it in to 3 445 heights so it joins check out my gamer sub for example! click for example also please drop a vote if you dont mind :-)

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