Please critique! Honeywheat Moon?

Hey guys! Been working on this design on and off for a while and I wanted your input if you like it and what I can improve. Any input is welcome

If you can think of a name that would be great as well. I'm thinking, Honeywheat Moon?


Watch this

The concept is great , its out there, but very solid. I also like the silhouette of the bed not taking away from the main focus of the design. As far as names go, I'll just throw some out there: "Bread Tie The Knot", "Love Mayonnaise" "Bread Bed" "Love Loaf" "Consummate that Croissant" and anything to do with a yeast infection. Cheers!


I don't get what your concept is at all.


2 really ugly loaves of bread(?) about to have sex(?) on a giant's bed(?) WHY


Bump for constructive criticism


Haha, this is hilarious! Love it!


Thanks! Still working on it though. Needs some more work.

foodstampdavis said:

Add a design on the back of the shirt where we get to see the bread fuck.


BeanePod said:

It's all fun and games until someone gets a yeast infection.

Sorry, my titles are always too long ;)


evyc said:

The Honeywheat's on their honeymoon

I like that.


I really like the concept and you did a good job with it. I would suggest adding more lace or frills to the veil to make it more obvious. Great job though and I look forward to when you submit this.

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