What do you use for your website "Shop"

Hey Everyone!

This summer I am launching my Haunted Legs Book and I'm hoping to set up a place where people can buy them directly from me. I know that some people use Shopify to set up stores and such. Does anyone else use something they like?

I'm looking for something that will take credit cards etc, without me having to actually build a secure transaction section of MY website :)

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I'm in the UK, using Ecwid, which seems ok, though I haven't handled too many sales yet. You set it up on their site then it gives you some code to drop into your own, and it handles the credit card stuff. You can list up to 10 products on their free account, but if you want more products or extra features they start charging a monthly fee.

It's got a bunch of options for handling credit cards - paypal being the simplest. For others (sagepay, worldpay etc) you need to first set up an account with that particular card handler (usually a monthly fee and per transaction fee involved) before you can use that method through the online shop.

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