I'm going to meetup in August!! YAY!

I just bought the fly tickets Buenos Aires - Chicago!!!!!

I'm very happy to do so, and to meet many threadfriends!
My English is awful but I will make them understand with sign language ...

Luckily it's summer and I can sleep on the street, in some bench ... LOL

I'm broke!!!!

If you know someone hostels economic or go to Meetup and wants to share lodging please advise! :)

Or if there is a place in the warehouse too! I can sweep and clean the windows at night.

I´m very excited!

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Hope you have a great time. Sounds like a ton of fun. Just work really hard and get another design printed and then you'll have some money to spend.

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Mi casa es tu casa

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gebe said:
v.calahan said:

Lucky you bro! Hope you have tons of fun!


Woot!!! :D

Chicago is fun times fo' sho'

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littlem said:
gebe said:
v.calahan said:

Lucky you bro! Hope you have tons of fun!


Hooray! Wish I could go again this year, even though I'm super shy and socially awkward in real life. Real life sucks sometimes.

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you just gave me major deja vu, squinty


Michelle! You have to come again this year. We didn't really get to cause any trouble together last year.

puddin' shots OR BUST

and perrypods....uh yeah, we've already chatted :)

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Thanks dudes!! I so excited! :)

Thanks vanillablue for this info! I appreciate so much!

I'll see Jeff drunk in live! YAY!

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