Snitches Get Stitches

  • by lslonim
  • posted May 13, 2013

Snitches Get Stitches

Watch this

I don't know if I get it. Is the message "we beat up people who report crime" ? If so, it doesn't belong here.


Pretty sure it's a Harry Potter reference dude.


I think the design looks fantastic, I might have a thing for banners... But I have to agree with lslonim - the message is confusing at best.


Clearly folks are not catching the reference. Might have helped if the snitch was golden.

Bad Dolly

design is cool, but the message is pretty awful, harry potter reference or no.


Cool design for any Potter readers.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

You muggles don't give snitches stitches? Have fun in Azkaban...


I'm with Bad Dolly -- somebody didn't think this through.


I'm with Bad Dolly -- somebody didn't think this through.


Sorry about the double post. It happened when I tried to refresh to see new comments.


haha...i was wondering what the wings were...didn't get the potter reference


haha...i was wondering what the wings were...didn't get the potter reference


dont know if this was intended by the artist, but this is also a reference to the show "the wire." That being said, i think this is a great cross reference to both harry potter and the wire....and i think it's pretty silly :/

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Some people are huge idiots, what's going to happen? "Uh oh, better not call the cops because of that guys shirt over there, it's got a sad face and everything!"


Yes, I'm a Harry potter fan, but I also teach students who are bullied by gang and family members with this sentiment. I'm disappointed with Threadless for printing this.


awesome design....right with mechanicalRBTPWR:-nothing here offence inducing....though i can't buy it coz shipping chrgs added up makes the price double up..w8ing for it's retail to come here..anyway Congrats!!


All you people need to grow up its just a dam shirt and a good one too.


I didn't interpret it as offensive, but I guess I also missed the "snitch" interpretation as anything other than HP. I was thinking it was a badass Quidditch-related tshirt. Because the snitches do get pretty rough!


w o w at all of you people. this isn't even offensive.


Yeah I personally don't find this offensive but I see why a lot of people will do. It's quite controversial. For anyone that is only seeing the Harry Potter reference, I totally didn't get that part until I read the comments. I'm not a big HP fan... I did, however, get the part where it's clearly referencing gang culture. There is a real issue with gangs hunting down, hurting or even killing people who 'dare' to 'snitch' on them to the police. Its not a light hearted matter and this is where the phrase 'snitches get stitches' comes from - whether the designer knows that or not, i can't say - but I'm shocked it got printed.


I don't know what to thinke- i didn't understand the refrence until reading the comments but i don't actually know if it's offensive or not. Can someone tell me exactly wha tthis means?


like it a lot


JUST letting you all know this is a quote from a parody called 50%off , which is a parody of the anime Free!! , it is a quote from miho sensei :3

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