Need input on possible shirt idea

I submitted this a while back for critique. It still needs work but I wanna know if:

-the idea is great and if people would luv to buy it?

-any way i can improve the idea.

Please help.

Watch this

I was able to post the pic without having people click on a link.


apart from the fact that you really need to do a proper face on that... what is the point of your design? what is the concept?

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^ Yes. Are you losing your edge?

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taz-pie said:

apart from the fact that you really need to do a proper face on that... what is the point of your design? what is the concept?

what's your concept?


well i randomly created this illustrating a girl in an oil barrel. i know the face needs work and maybe i should add the word "oil" on there somewhere. im guessing theres not gonna be much luv for this idea unless i make some drastic change.

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That's not a concept really and adding the word oil isn't going to make it one. What's the idea behind it - what about it is interesting or funny or clever or anything that's going to make someone want to wear it.


well i did say it was a random creation. its an interesting idea as well as kinda abstract. i will work on the face and a few other adjustments. but then again it seems like it might not sell


The only idea I can associate this with has already been done before.

Crude Awakening

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Concept-wise, I don't think everything needs a joke or pun or pop culture reference to be good - especially if the illustration is interesting, good-looking, or funny/bizarre enough on its own.

Unfortunately, I don't think the art is strong enough to carry things on its own, here. Somebody playing around in an oil barrel could be enough, but the illustration has to be strong enough or weird eniugh that I wanna stare at it and think about it. I don't want to stare at this or revisit it.

The idea could work, but blow it up and start over on the art. Don't add "Oil," as mentioned, that's not the problem.

Also, I have bad taste, so maybe just don't listen to me at all.


GoddTodd I would say that my idea is close to what you posted. ive never seen that before but yea it looks like it. thanks for sharing.


made some changes

Britt H.

I'd prefer if she were jumping out of a giant beer can. Seems like it would be more interesting, a mans fantasy. Haha.

My personal take on this design is that she is a sexy swamp thing, and the swamp she inhabits had a toxic oil spill and now she's enraged and gettin all sexy and slick ready to kick some ass. Without that story going on in my head I really don't understand this design.

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The thing is, while it might be random it isn't actually that interesting, sorry! Foodstampdavis is right in that not everything has to have a concept but if its lacking one the artwork has to be mind blowing and even then, I'm not sure this sort of thing would work in that way.
I would look a little closer at what you're doing and see how you can make it interesting or give it a bit of a story. how about for example, doing a play on kids who play in spouting fire hydrants in summer except instead of a fire hydrant it's an oil drill spilling oil?


not a bad idea digsy. ok so yea its a nay on this image =(

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your concept need some more clarity. what you want to say with that design, what is the story? Nice basis, but as I said it is hard to find for example if you want to scary spectators, or give an alert for something.... define your ambiance then you catch your "finish touch"


obviously oil is expensive these days. imagine if you struck it. youd be considered rich. this image would be like a parody of that idea.

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