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Ah yes.. the old Block a Whole Bank of Cards w/ Your Cart While Talking to Your Friend You Just Happened to Run Into trick.

I've seen it a hundred times. Never fails.


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My mom loves her iPad so i got her some itunes gift cards lol

Cook dinner for her? Jewelry?


Ha, we're getting my Mom an iPad! And a printer that will work with it, I guess there's some way you can do that? I'm leaving it up to my computer nerd hubby to figure it out :)

Other ideas: jewelry, lotion/soaps, picture of you/your family, create a Mom "date night:" take her to a dinner and a show/play/movie, gardening tools or maybe a plant/flower she can plant and grow in her own yard so it has some lasting power, kitchen gadgets...

Just a few ideas, hope some of those help! :)


Yeah, this is also for my wife/mom.

So far Im thinking a gc for a back massage or stone treatment something or other. shrug Maybe I could, you know, dip my own berries in various sauces... or something. Crap this is hard.

But yeah, unconventional stuff is cool too. Maybe something I could have delivered.. like a ham, but you know, not a ham.


^bump^ for morning crew

need more idears


GOSH the internet has turned me into a weird person.


i've run out of good ideas for my mom, so i try to treat her for lunch a lot. :D

for me, i like hugs and homemade notes. :DDD


Taking my mom out for a steak dinner. Thats about it. Sounds cheap but I also help my mom out a lot with her bills and her house.


GC to her fave store

car washes

i don't know

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