90 day selection period is to long

forgive me if this has already been changed but the 90 day waiting period for selecting a shirt is starting to really become a problem.

Several of my high scoring popular designs that were not selected have been replicated or re-conceived by rival shirt companies before or close to the 90 days it takes to get the rights back and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It means that our designs suddenly look like rip offs of people who published the design after us and this truly inhibits our chances of making something of our design if you guys pass on it.

I'm not sure weather it's the explosion of social media or a wide range of factors but this policy seems to have become outdated in the current climate and those of us who love submitting to threadless are the ones to suffer.

please help

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I have yet to have the pleasure of being ripped off (to my knowledge) but yeah, this does seem a little outdated now. ...You post something on tumblr, and you have replications of it within hours!


I agree. Not that I have been lucky lately but I understand.

Andreas Mohacsy
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MRB - it happens so fast and for the most part it's awesome, one idea leads to another, sharing is caring and all that sort but of course when there is a lag any idea you put out there is exploitable, the 90 days makes it HIGHLY exploitable

WOLFY - i don't think you need to be printed for this to happen, if you are printed threadless will have your back and the shear weight of their name will null and void most other problems, it is unprinted work that most suffers


Well that sucks. I am not too concerned about the ideas in my art being copied, but I just hope the actual art isn't. If they do, I am sure I can prove its mine since I have the original files?


BTW, Scott Pilgrim= Awesome

Andreas Mohacsy
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that's the point I'm at bio but I'd prefer to do the right thing, maybe I'll leave it 2 weeks from now on but even that is pushing it, a month would be fairer to threadless but even that is a big risk let alone 3 months

that it is wolfy:)

Dan Yingling

Feel free to shoot me an email any time you would like a design removed from the site. We usually select designs well before 90 days, however, a lot of times we do go back and select designs we like for different lines (Select, Wittlebee etc.) and sometimes these designs have been around for MORE than 90 days. If you feel uncomfortable having them up for long periods of time just let me know. Thanks!!

Andreas Mohacsy
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thanks Dan

what do you mean Morkki?

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