I know, I know! mostly everyone hates brocooli, but Marbel must admit it´s a very healthy vegetable.
This design was just rejected from The Hulk contest, but what was I expecting? this has nothing to do whith The Hulk, plus I finished it last night at 23:57 CST, I take the risk because they said "The characters cannot be represented as children or animals" but they said nothing about vegetables.

You Wouldn't Like Me

Brocc Banner

So... should I carry on?
Should I submit it to the Threadless regular contest?
Should I improve it?

BTW, I think I'm back, I missed you!

Watch this
blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Seems like you rushed it to get it in under the deadline. If you're going to resubmit, I'd go back and work on the texturing for the broccoli. Right now it looks more like a tree or bush.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

I love broccoli so much! Its sooo yum to me.

Just being picky but there's a background stock that seems to end a little abruptly (the middle left back one). Good luck :)

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

Believe me, I eat broccoli almost everyday and I love it too this is just a bad joke. Oh yes! it had to continued back and down there, I have already subb it but I promess I will fix it for the sake of the good eye. Thanks man!

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