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Another old idea I've been tinkering with

In my on-going work to get off my lazy ass and start working again, here's another old idea I dredged up from a sketchbook. There's probably a good reason I never took it further than sketch stage, but I wanted to see what the community thought of this and if it's worth's called Freedom from Want of Brains. Thanks!

Watch this

What a nice family having dinner together... :P Nice design. I can not give you a professional-marketknowing critic, but I can say I like it. It's a nice composition, and, as it's done for a rectangular frame I think It could work well on a t-shirt. The key could be how the details are done, because if It's going to be done with white ink over black fabric you could have problems with ink expansion and miss details. Could it be?


Haha this.


I have planned to do it in color, not black and white, but this is as far as I've gotten so far. I'll update with color when I've gotten it that far. Thanks for the comments!


Either way... Win win


i meant, i like like it black and white


A pop color like Red, accented around the picture would be really cool ! Love the detail , very very cool -




like, DUH! finish it, please!



imo, it looks awesome as is. maybe a wee bit of shading detail on the brain to give it more dimension.

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Such great work! Reminds me of the Norman Rockwell piece with a dash of classic Mad magazine flavor. Definitely finish/submit.


Thanks gang! I admit I like the idea of keeping this black and white with a pop of color, but I wanted to try out a color version to see how it looks. Lemme know what ya think!!!

And macdoodle, Rockwell's painting is exactly what this is based on.


It looks great! I think that the colorversion is better, but the white vould be great on all t-shirt colors :)


Oh my yes

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Nice, Love the clean contrast on the B&W version. The color one has potential as it really showcases the brains and the blood and flesh well. Love your past work too.


Looks awesome!


Awesome. I think the colour one is better, lends itself a tad more to a shirt design than the b&w.


Awesome. I think the colour one is better, lends itself a tad more to a shirt design than the b&w.


The color version is definitely stronger. Helps draw the eye to the right places. In the black and white version, there was so much detail and high contrast, it was hard to focus. Now my eye goes right to the brain, as it should be.

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Oh wow! I'm also gonna say the color version is best IMO.

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Not to be a dissenter, but there's a lot of great detail in the black and white version that resonates more with me.

Britt H.

Part of me likes the contrast/power/graphic nature of the black and white version better, BUT the color version lets me see things my eye skipped right over in the B&W, like i didn't even notice the hand on the plate in the B&W.


I really love the addition of the boarded up window. It's such an iconic zombie movie trope and it add's to the parody of the Rockwell image.

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